Log Cabins

Eight log cabins are used during temperate seasons to lodge guests. During the summer, New Frontier campers sleep in these dormitory-style bunkhouses. Campers use shower houses nearby. Each log cabin can sleep 8-14 campers and one counselor. The log cabins include Seminole, Apache, Mohican, Mohawk, Kiowa, Sequoia, Dakota, and Rincon.



A-frame cabins are ideal for youth groups and young adults. During the summer, Alpha campers sleep in these dormitory-style bunkhouses. Campers use the restroom facilities inside the cabin. Each A-frame is designed to house two cabin units, totaling 24- 28 campers (depending on the A-frame). A-frames 1, 2, 3 are used only during temperate seasons; these three facilities include Shawnee/Pawnee, Cherokee/Sioux, and Chippewa/Navajo cabins. A-frame 4, 5, 6 are winterized for year-round use; these three facilities include Shoshone/Cheyenne, Choctaw/Ottawa, and Aztec/Hopi cabins.



Blackfoot consists of dormitory-style quadrants and centrally-located bathrooms. The maximum capacity of Blackfoot is 56 guests. During the summer, four New Frontier cabins of 8-12 campers sleep in this bunkhouse. Blackfoot Lodge contains the cabin units Miami, Braves, Comanche, and Delaware.

Please Note: Linens are NOT provided. All guests must bring their own bedding.