February 21-22, 2020

2019: $49.00 per person

Junior Revolution is an awesome time of worship, fellowship and instruction from the Word of God for students in grades 2 through 6. There will be lots of singing, learning and playing as we seek to know and be more like Jesus. The staff of Scioto Hills will be leading our times of worship and teaching.

Speaker: to be announced


Arrival & Departure:  Registration will begin at 5:45 on Friday evening (prior to dinner) and the retreat will finish around 3:00 after the final session on Saturday afternoon.

Information On Leaders: This weekend is a great time for your church’s sponsors to connect with students. Churches are responsible to provide their own sponsors. First 2 Church Leaders Free; all other leaders are 50% off.  When ready to register ''free'' leader make sure and call the office first to get the appropriate coupon code (so no charges will be required).

Please Note: Depending on Availibility and the Ratio of kids to sponsors, we may ask some leaders to pay full price and/or stay in a near by hotel. This is to make sure we are saving room for the students (who the retreat is all about)! One example of where this would apply is if a group was wanting to bring 3 or 4 leaders when they have 5 students attending. Any questions or concerns regarding this please feel free to contact us.