Summer Staff Testimonials

Michael Dow, Ground Staff/ Ad Tech/ Counselor

"I can say without a doubt that God has done nothing short of miracles in my life through Scioto Hills Camp.

The outpouring of His love and truth that I have experienced here has changed my life, and this summer was certainly no different. It has been my third year on summer staff at Scioto Hills, but my first year as a counselor. If you would have asked me before I ever came here if I could see myself working as a counselor at a Christian camp, the answer would have been a definite “there is no way that is possible”. But as I said, God has worked miracles in my life through this place and by His great grace and faithful leading, I was blessed and made able to serve as a counselor this last summer

I was also immensely blessed to get to know and build relationships with my campers. To talk with them about their walk with Christ and the Gospel, to teach them the Word of God, to pray with and for them, and to laugh and just have so much fun with them has been one of my life’s greatest blessings. "

Phil Linley, Counselor
Wow. This summer could not have been any better. I seriously could never have thought this summer was going to be as great as it was. Working at Scioto Hills could easily be one of the best things I have ever done, and it wouldn't be a stretch to say it has changed my life.

Tierzah Faulkner, Kitchen Staff 
This summer at Scioto Hills was an incredible time of growing and learning. I was stretched, challenged, and awed as I sought to make Christ my One Thing and watched Him work in the lives of campers and staff.

Abby Jackson, Intern 
Scioto Hills is a place of refuge for a Christian. It becomes a safe place for spiritual growth. I have spent over a year living there and can say without hesitation that it has helped me grow in my understanding and walk with Christ more than anything else. I have learned to see the every-day little things that no one else sees as opportunities to serve God. I remember once when I was counseling, one of my campers accidentally dropped her teddy bear. She was on the top bunk and couldn’t get back up by herself. To add to the situation it was past midnight. More than anything I wanted to tell her to just leave it until the morning because I was exhausted. Then the thought went through my mind as though God were asking me, “How much do you love me?” Then I remembered why I had come to camp and how much He had done for me. So I got up and found the teddy bear for her. I don’t think that I will ever forget that camper or that night. God used a little girl and a teddy bear to remind me that it wasn’t about what I wanted. It was about what would bring Him glory.

Celeste Cato, Counselor
My overall experience as a staff member was amazing. God taught me so much about myself and Himself this summer. It is really hard to pinpoint some of the things I learned because to put them into words is near impossible. One thing I have always loved about Scioto is how it is constantly focused on spiritual things. We are always applying what we are learning through the experiences at camp. God used this summer to challenge me in intense ways. . . . Patience was a huge area God also taught me this summer. I never saw myself as an impatient person but God showed me some areas of my life I needed to work on. He also showed me the power and importance of surrounding myself with people who are going to challenge and keep me accountable. If God led me to Scioto this summer only to build amazing relationships it would have totally been worth it.

Emily Dempsey, Counselor 
I’ve never felt the way I felt at camp before. I was so sure of my faith, and I could just see and feel God’s love in every single person and every single event that took place. I made some amazing friends at camp and I know these are the friendships that will last. . . . I’ve grow so much; I’m a completely different person, and people I have know since childhood have commented on how much I’ve changed for the good. I have such a wonderful relationship with God that just grows deeper and deeper everyday. I thank Him for Scioto Hills everyday. It really was what I needed to get back on track where I wanted to be.

Rebekah Howdyshell, Kitchen Staff
There is just something about being at camp that God always tugs at my heart. The spiritual environment is excellent. My life changed tremendously this summer. The kitchen staff always kept me on my feet, so by the end of the summer my work ethic and my “can do” attitude had boosted greatly. Spiritually, I rededicated my life to Christ and made a decision to be more discerning in almost every area of my life because of the camp environment. Scioto Hills taught me about life and about the real world. It prepared me for future jobs I may have and future friendships as well. The permanent staff was such a personal blessing to me; they kept pushing me forward.

Rebecca Linville, Greenville, North Carolina
My summer working at Scioto Hills meant a great time of spiritual growth for me. Constantly being in the environment of studying God's word and having my girls come to me with questions about the Bible helped me understand my relationship with Christ much better. Every week, speaking with each one of my girls about her spiritual needs and pointing her to Christ, pointed me to Christ in the process. There were times that it was challenging, yet it was in those times as well, that I came to see that God's grace is sufficient, and that when I am weak, He is strong! It was a time of great spiritual encouragement, getting to work with a staff of people who loved the Lord and wanted to please Him. If I could use two characteristics to describe the permanent staff, it would be that they love God and that they love other people … they carry out the first two commandments so well and are such good examples to me! The Lord provided many good friends to me that were an encouragement to me and prayed for me, for which I am so thankful! While I was on staff, there were many times that I was pushed out of my comfort zone, and it taught me not to rely on myself, but to rely on the Lord. In the old song that the Scioto Hills staff used to sing, there was a line that went "All to the glory … of God means being a servant each day." Working at camp taught me great lessons in servant-heartedness to the glory of God. Camp was not only a great learning time, but I also thoroughly enjoyed the two summers I spent there on staff! I am very thankful for the lessons the Lord taught me at Scioto Hills. I look at my two summers here as special blessings that the Lord used in my life. God used camp to draw me closer to Himself and I am thankful!

Chris Stairs, Kalamazoo, Michigan
He has helped me understand the power of prayer and the encouragement and importance of praying with fellow believers. He has taught me that apart from Him I can't do anything and that I can't make someone come to know Christ—God must do it. He has taught me that He can work through anything, even the most trivial things. He has taught me the importance of humility and servanthood. He has given me a stronger desire to see others, as well as myself, grow in Christ. He has enforced that fact that God does work in ways we don't expect or understand. He has taught me to do things out of love for Him not out of pride or expectation of praise. All praise and glory goes to God, not me. He reminded me that even in the worst of things he is there—there is something to be learned and He will work.

Nathan Howdyshell, Walnut Creek, Ohio
God has done many great things in my life this summer. First, this summer has helped me get back to doing my devotions, even though I may have gotten to bed late and gotten up early. Second, He has taught me patience, not only with the campers, but also through the whole staff. Lastly, God has helped me straighten things out in my life that really could be accomplished by being around other Christian people.

Blake Brown, McConnellsville, Ohio
I have learned to do everything to God's glory and not my own. God has taught me to rely on His power and not on my own strength to accomplish His will and desire for my life. God has taught me patience through certain experiences I had as a "substitute" counselor for a week. I have been able to develop more meaningful relationships with others by keeping my focus on God's Word and His desires for me to devlop into a stronger Christian. I have been able to devlop a better relationship with my girlfriend by focusing more on having a Christ-centered relationship with her.

Loren Ransom, Cedarville University
He has reminded me of this importance of His Word. He has reminded me that His Word is powerful enough to bank my life on. HE has shown me the importance of communing with Him. He has shown me to love; He has reminded me that love is what life is about. He has reminded me of the importance of serving and having a servant's attitude. God has shown me that ministry/love isn't easy, and that truly making an impact for Him involves sacrifice. God has shown me that I'm a pretty self-absorbed, unloving person. God has shown me that prayer is pivotal. He's given me an opportunity to learn dependence on Him. He's shown me how deficient I am in my drive to witness and reminded me to make the most of every opportunity. He has taught me that I try to control situations too much instead of stepping out in faith and trusting God to work. God has shown me how deficient I am as a Christian. He has shown me that I need a mentor. He has shown me that this life is about being a disciple-maker. He has taught me to take opportunities that come up in life to teach a spiritual lesson (at least He has shown me the possibilities). Not pushing spiritual things, but loving the kids and praying for them and for opportunities to share Christ so that I would be depending on God for the increase.

Megan Murphy, Wheelersburg, Ohio
One big thing God has really been teaching me this summer is just to be completely satisfied in Him. God is most glorified when I am most satisfied in Him. He has realy been teaching me dependence on him - to ask him in prayer and rely on Him for my strength. Another thing would be having a servant's attitude and be willing to do whatever needs done. To have the right heart and not think I am better than others when they are not working hard, but to remember that I am nothing and it is Christ in me that allows me to have the right attitude. I've been learning to be an example for Christ for my peers and fellow believers. Something He has been teaching me recently is to give my all in what I do. To be willing and look for opportunities to share the Gospel, although I may not have the strength in whom I am. I'm not worthy but I know the character of my God and His presence will always be with me; I don't have to be the greatest scholar, I just have to have faith in God and He is the One who does the awesome work.

Kelly Bishop, Cedarville, Ohio
This summer God has been working in my heart. He has mainly been teaching me patience in the popshop and as a lifeguard. He has also taught me to be more responsible and to communicate with young people. Dependence and faith in prayer has also been a major lesson. I have learned to trust in Him and in the power of prayer. This summer has really made an impression in my life.