Liberty Deaf Camp is one of the most unique camps in America. This camp is a place for all Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and KODA (Kids of Deaf Adults) to come together to learn about God’s Word and have a blast and a fun experience that they will never forget. Our desire is that all children will learn how to devote themselves to God instead of the world.

Please Note: Liberty Deaf Camp is sponsored by the Liberty Baptist Church of Columbus, Ohio and is not a ministry of Scioto Hills. LDC is expanding its ministry to allow hearing impaired friends of SH to participate who may not otherwise have a camp experience.  Registration must be completed through their link.  It should be understood, that while the SH team plays a vital role during this week, this special camp is a "guest group" directed by the LDC leadership team, and therefore, similarities to our camps should not be expected.  Our "Parents Guarantee" does not apply in this case.



Liberty Deaf Camp is not new to Scioto. We've enjoyed hosting the camp for five years now.  We believe this is a special and unique ministry and would love to see it grow!

All registration go through the Liberty Deaf Camp site -